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Parking Structures

Black Diamond Nationwide  (BDN) understands that retail locations, offices, airportshospitals, arenas and school systems all have unique characteristics and differing requirements, however, they have at least one thing in common: the need for attractive, long-lasting, low-maintenance, parking solutions that enables people to get in and out quickly and without issue, knowing their vehicle will be safe and secure when they return.

Our experienced commercial contracting parking garage and underground garage construction team desires to fully understand the unique needs and requirements of your garage and will take the time to study the overall demands the garage needs to meet and help identify the best overall parking solution and then value engineer it so the garage is as economical and efficient as possible.  parking garages and underground parking structures at Black Diamond Nationwide.   


BDN always self-performs its’ own parking garage work which should translate into key advantages for our clients.  Scheduling, cost and quality are all areas that should be positively effected through self-performing the parking garage construction. 

Parking Construction Experience:

  • Precast concrete parking

  • Multi-level parking

  • Underground parking

  • Surface parking

  • Cast-in-place concrete

  • High-end parking w/ upgraded façade

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