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The Foundation of America 

Concrete is vital product and key aspect in the construction process for all projects. If you have a poorly formed and applied foundation, it will eventually fail, causing problems for the owner. This is one reason why BLACK DIAMOND NATIONWIDE (BDN) takes its role and responsibility as a primary commercial concrete sub-contractor serious.  


BDN takes pride in its quality workmanship and application in every project. A general contractor should keep quality control in mind when evaluating a bid. It costs more to redo or subsidize the work than it does to select a quality concrete contractor from the start. We are convinced that our quality of workmanship is unsurpassed in the industry. You can have the confidence in knowing that BDN will deliver an outstanding product, on time, on budget and in a safe environment.

At BDN, our philosophy has always been to approach projects from the owner’s perspective. Because of this, we have gained an unrivaled reputation of being able to commit to a schedule and keep that schedule throughout our time on the project. We take pride not only in the quality of our workmanship but in our ability to meet deadlines and cater to the customer’s unique needs. 


  • Foundations 

  • Grade Beams

  • Concrete Columns

  • Drilled Piers

  • Retaining Walls

  • Shear Walls

  • Stem Walls

  • Slabs-on-Grade

  • Slabs-on-Metal Deck

  • Elevated Structural Slabs (Superstructures)

  • Support of Excavation

  • Sidewalks/Curbs

  • Geo Piers

  • Pile Caps

  • Industrial Concrete

  • Architectural Concrete

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