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Black Diamond Nationwide (BDN) strives daily to set the standard and be the national leader in our area of the commercial construction industry. By focusing on our core values of faith, integrity, safety, diversity, continued education, and training, BDN is able to achieve uncommon results for all of our valued clients nationwide.

We believe our unique approach to commercial contracting in the concrete and steel industry allows us to deliver a finished product that surpasses all expectations while delivering our product and services on time and on budget.  Because of this approach, we are committed to fostering long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


BLACK DIAMOND is not just an ordinary construction company, rather we are a dedicated family of industry professionals striving to bring quality workmanship to each and every project, setting the standard in the construction services industry,  leading the way in all areas of safety management, being financially responsible and accountable to all budgetary concerns, and continually striving to develop and deliver new and innovative approaches to achieve extraordinary results for all of our clients and stakeholders today and into the future.

Mission Statement


  • A FIRM FOUNDATION of Faith & Integrity
    BDN strives to conduct all business with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness. We understand that our livelihood and abilities all come from above and we strive to develop and enhance our gifts and strengths byalthough being far from perfect we always take a humble and grateful approach to what God has given each one of us. We seek to maintain a solid reputation and trustworthiness in every aspect of construction. We embrace the “light of day” test. Every decision and every action taken by our employees is done with this core value in mind. Our commitment to the highest standard of ethics has been a guiding principle since our founding and continues to be as we build into the future.
  • A Commitment to Safety
    BDN believes the number one priority on all of our projects is the safety of our employees, subcontractors and clients. At the end of the day, our objective is that everyone goes home to their families. BDN upholds a positive and proactive safety culture, and leads by example in all aspects of construction. We strive to exceed the best practice, and instill this core value in personnel and subcontractors. See more about our safety policies and procedures throughout our website.
  • Results Oriented. Results Focused.
    BDN believes in the philosophy of approaching every project from the owner’s perspective. Because of this, we have gained a unique and unrivaled reputation of commitment and quality in our final product. We believe in being responsive and standing by our work. We will always fulfill our commitments to our clients, vendors and employees. We understand that lasting relationships are essential to our business and pay personal attention to our clients by focusing on them as individuals. Integrity Matters! Input from the entire team usually leads to a better outcome. Positive correspondence from both the Owner/GC and the Sub-Contractor will help produce Better Results for us all. We believe in the power of communication and teamwork.
  • Family & Diversity: lead to a positive work environment and a dependable workforce.
    BDN is a family and believe that people matter and we live by this important principal. BDN fosters a positive culture of diversity and inclusion, in which all employees contribute and have equal opportunities to grow. We believe in unlocking the incredible potential that all people, from all backgrounds and cultures have within them. We invest in our people through training, education and leadership development. We believe that families truly matter and we encourage all of our personnel to spend quality time with their family. BDN believes that its our people that make the difference and when our people are happy, it will show in the quality of their workmanship and in their commitment to perform at a high level of service. And, ultimately it affects our overall turnover rate which translates into a stronger and more dependable workforce, as well as, the reliability and consistency of our work.
Core Values

Values Drive Our Services

Black Diamond Nationwide (BDN) is a successful concrete construction and steel erection firm whose past performance and commitment to excellence enables us to thrive in the most challenging projects. BDN is equipped with the most advanced skills allowing us to deliver the desired product to our clients. BDN has a well-earned reputation for the delivery of exceptional projects on time and within budget. BDN has been performing all types of quality construction projects for almost 50 years.  

Valued Services
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