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Big Box Retail

Black Diamond Nationwide (BDN) and its founder, key executives and operational managers have significant experience in the Big Box Retail world.  BDN has built over 100 Dillards department stores alone across the USA over the past 20 years.  In addition, BDN has been involved in almost every facet of constructing these facilities for many, many years now.  In addition to building many Dillards, BDN has provided concrete and steel services for Wal-Mart all across the Mid-West region. 


We believe that there is going to be a sea shift in the BIG BOX world but as the industry is forced to re-invent itself, we believe there will be more and more construction activities of distribution and warehouse facilities as well as other uses that have yet to be thought of.  The economy is just coming through a unique time in history but BDN believes the underlying strengths of the economy are still in-tact and are strong. 

A recent study shows Big Box and Retail Construction Industry Solutions will be forthcoming:

“Commercial construction is expected to experience 12.4% growth this year, according to Construct Connect. As a subset of this industry, big box and retail construction will experience growth in new ways. The big box and retail industries are innovating to remain competitive, stay relevant, and accommodate changing consumer demands. In turn, construction companies serving these industries will need to adapt to keep up with the changes”.

“As seen in other areas of construction, retail construction is experiencing an ongoing shortage of labor. Using technology to automate certain processes and outsourcing mundane tasks will be essential to staying competitive in the changing landscape”.

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