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Since the mid 1980’s, many of the key personnel which still make up Black Diamond Nationwide (BDN) have worked in the specialized and niche vertical industrial industry as you’ll see some of our featured projects showcased herein. The Industrial commercial construction segment of the marketplace deals mostly with the construction of factories, power plants, warehouses, distribution centers and other highly specialized facilities.


What makes BDN capable of doing your next industrial job with excellence? Well, to start with, the best companies will be capable of performing at a high level with a highly specialized workforce that has been trained and has first-hand experience in complex construction and will have the knowledge base to know how to effectively complete this kind of work. Because the work we’ll perform is so technical, oftentimes we must deploy a variety of tradespeople across multiple disciplines.


Our senior management professionals will assemble the very best team possible to work effectively together in a collaborate effort to ensure a successful project. Another important aspect of what sets BDN apart from its competition is the use of the very latest innovation in application and technology. The construction industry is constantly changing and new and innovative technologies are being implemented frequently. It hasn’t always been this way, but we are seeing advances in technologies, materials and methodologies that are proving to save time and increase efficiencies which translates to savings.


Recently, prefabrication construction has allowed firms to accelerate the construction process, without affecting the final product. This allows them to maximize their customer’s budget and give a great client experience, increasing their own return on investment. Another example is a building information model (BIM), which allows a team to collaborate on improving the construction project before it even starts.The best industrial construction firmshave will have a deep portfolio of previous experience with a proven and successful track record of performing on-time and on-budget. BDN’s history and experience encompasses a wide variety of industries, including; manufacturing, corporate offices, warehousing, healthcare, hospitality, government and military & many more. Another difference is the presence of governmental involvement in many projects of this type.


Oftentimes, due to the nature and scope of an industrial build the government oversees portions of the work. This can begin at the earliest stages of the build to accommodate fire regulations, sewer/water regulations, and any possible land or environmental hazards, to name a few. Of course, SAFETYis a cornerstone that we have built our company on and we are proud to say that we have the right Safety policies and procedures in place and practice them faithfully, day-in and day-out.As described, what makes a successful industrial construction company is a unique set of skills, the right personnel and the knowledge base gained from a variety of past projects.


A great industrial construction company will also understand governmental regulations and comply with them acrossall their projects. Regardless of the project type or vertical industry, a great industrial construction company should be able to ensure a successful build from start to finish. We are proud to say that we have all of the right components, necessary skillsets and the desire to be your construction partner on your next industrial project. Contact us today and see what makes BDN different from the pack.


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