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Black Diamond Nationwide (BDN) and its key personnel have built many successful hotel and hospitality related projects representing many national brands over the course of the last 20 years. Our success as a contractor that builds Hotels and various other facilities in the hospitality industry is only possible with the support of great project owners and development partners.

Our ownership has prior experience in owning and operating hotels which gives us a good sense of how to be a strong and reliable resource partner for the current owners and contractors that we work for. We take pride in our ability to assemble the best teams for our clients using highly-skilled labor and qualified project managers and respected and trusted suppliers that share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Working together in a spirit of cooperation, we strive to always deliver a superior product for all key stakeholders which establishes a win-win partnership for all parties. 


Other current and relative facts for consideration and of interest as we prepare to work in various industries in the upcoming year(s):


The leisure and hospitality industry was the hardest-hit part of the U.S. economy when it came to job losses, and restaurant and bars were by far the most-severely impacted within the category. 

— Dennis Schaal


The U.S. leisure and hospitality industry in April lost 7.7 million jobs, a 47 percent drop, and was the worst-hit sector among non-farm payrolls for the second month in a row, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in its monthly report out Friday.

April was the first full month where the coronavirus pandemic raged in the United States. The job losses come on top of half a million jobs lost in leisure and hospitality in March.

It was food and drinking establishments, rather than hotels, that were most-impacted in April. The bureau stated that restaurants and bars lost 5.5 million jobs in April, or 71 percent of the total decline in leisure and hospitality employment.

The April job loss in leisure and hospitality was more than three times greater than the second-most-impacted sector, education and health services, which saw a decline of 2.54 million jobs.

“The April over-the-month decline is the largest in the history of the series and brought employment to its lowest level since February 2011 (the series dates back to 1939),” the bureau stated in releasing its April employment report on Friday.

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