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Churches and Non-Profits

For decades, we have been actively involved in pursuing construction work with churches, ministries and various non-profit organizations.  In addition to exploring work directly with these clients, we work directly with General Contractors and Construction management firms to partner with them in a meaningful way that help make the project a success.  If your firm is looking for a solid contractor that has a heart for Churches and Non-Profits, we would love to interview with you for the privilege of working together.


We believe the Word of God when it says, to those who have been given much, much is expected.  We believe that where there is a vision the people perish, and we also believe that where there is a vision, the people flourish.  BDN wants to be a part of the vision of the Church and bless them in any way we can. 


Also, we are aware of many non-profits that do good all day, every day.  Two of our principals have been involved in Church work and the building the Kingdom’s work for many decades.  In fact, one our principal’s father was a well-known and well-respected pastor, denominational president and church builder going back two generations. As BDN’s reputation builds as a “local church builder grows, BDN plans to pursue Church construction work from various denominations and congregations around the country.

It is a well-known fact that building projects for both types of organizations are often led by committees, and Black Diamond Nationwide has developed a special process to help committees and leaders engage their organizations’ members, supporters and beneficiaries, and to meet certain financial needs and requirements.We try to save money for the various churches, ministries and non-profits we serve and we accomplish this, in part, through an active stewardship-based process that focuses on lowering both up-front costs and long-term operation and maintenance costs on each facility. 


Also, If asked, we can and will partner with you and your supporting members to allow them the opportunity to participate in the construction process through their own construction related entities.

BDN’s goal is to deliver a gift back to the church and/or non-profit on every project we do. We are committed to being good stewards of the hard-earned resources of the church and nonprofit clients, and keep their missions at the center of what we do. 


We would love to partner with you as you expand your vision for your church and/or non-profit organization.  

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